Betsafe Online Gambling Adds New Microgaming Poker Room

Poker Online Gambling

Betsafe, the popular online gambling operator, has announced that it has recently added on the Microgaming Poker Network to its Poker Red brand which operates on the Ongame network. This has resulted in players at Betsafe having a much wider choice of poker rooms.

Similar promotions are offered by both Poker Red and Poker Black with Poker Red offering a $2,500 sign up bonus and up to 40% cashback and the new Poker Black having a Euro 1,000 sign up and up to 30% cashback.

Microgaming and Ongame have similar game offerings and geographical restrictions but Microgaming has the advantage of offering players the popular fast-fold form of poker with its Blaze product.

It has been revealed that Ongame owner,, has been endeavoring to sell the network for a considerable time and Betsafe may have been prompted to hedge their bets due to the uncertainty about future ownership.

It is not uncommon for European online gaming operators to offer two or more poker rooms and Betsson, the Swedish company who owns Betsafe operates a dual poker room, the one being on Ongame and the other on Entraction.

Betsson was one of the first online gambling operators to offer “Fast Poker” which is a network of fast fold-only poker games. Betsafe joined a month later. However, since Betsafe has introduced Poker Black and Microgaming’s “Blaze”, the offering now only appears on a small sub-menu on Betsafe’s webpage.

Betsafe Poker is an online poker site with a gambling license in Malta.

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